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North Star Estates
Welcome to North Star Estates, a wonderful place to call home.  We are convienently located in the heart of Tomball, Texas.   Our quiet community features friendly neighbors, cul~de~sac streets, a community pool, walking trails and park/picnic area.

North Star Estates is a great place for families, we are within walking distance of Tomball Elementary,Tomball Junior High School and Tomball High School.  Only minutes away from Historical downtown Tomball, The Tomball Medical Center, shopping and many restaurants.

Community Swimming Pool



Due to the increase of Covid-19 cases, advice from our legal counsel, and our HOA Insurance not being able to advise us if insurance coverage is in place for Covid-19, we are regrettably closing the North Star Estates pool Until Further Notice.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Pet Rules for Community Harmony

Our association is proud to be pet-friendly, and we’re happy your four-legged family members are part of our community. Of course, like any good neighbor, it’s important that these pets don’t create an unpleasant environment for everyone else. To avoid unnecessary disputes and potential rule violations, here are some guidelines owners should follow to ensure their furry friends continue to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Keep it Clean: No one wants to see, smell or accidently step in the “gift” your dog left on the grassy common area. So when your dog needs to go, be sure to properly dispose of it.  Not only will this keep our community looking better, but it will help keep ground water clean and help prevent the spread of fecal-borne diseases.

Quiet Down: Pets will be noisy from time to time. However, when loud barking or meowing becomes annoying to neighbors, it’s time to help your pet become less talkative. First, try to find out what causes your pets to get vocal: Do they get noisy when they’ve been alone and bored all day and need some playtime? Have they gone through a stressful change in environment recently? Are they suffering from health issues? Do they simply like saying “hello” to every squirrel, person or car that passes by? When you’ve identified the cause, take remedial actions such as confining them to an area where they feel calm while you’re away, removing or blocking as many stimuli as possible, exercising them more and spending more time with them. You can also take them to a professional or search online for tips on how to train your pets not to get too noisy.

No Wandering: For the safety of your pets as well as all residents, please do not allow your pets to roam unattended outside. Along with helping protect your pets, leashing your dog is the law.



Watch for Children... a reminder our children are returning to school and many of them will be riding the bus. This time of year it is dark in the morning when the kids are waiting for the buses. Take a little extra time and patience to make our streets safer. Please remember the speed limit and drive carefully.

Upcoming Events

Yard of the Month



Your Board of Directors has recognized many owners in the community are taking great pride in their yards. Effective in July, the Association will begin recognizing two owners for Yard of the Month.  Each month, 2 winners will receive a Yard of the Month sign posted in the yard.
We appreciate all the time and effort taken to make our neighborhood so beautiful. A big Thank You to all of our residents.  You all help to make our subdivision a place to be proud of!        


Congratulations to the winners of the October 2020 Yard of the Month:

14118 Pollux
14235 Altair


Board Meetings
The 2020 Annual Members Meeting is scheduled for:
Date: Saturday, November 7, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Community Pavilion 
14210 Orion Tomball, TX 77375
An election will be held for 2 seats on the Board              

Home Improvements
Planning a Project?
A friendly reminder that North Star Estates governing documents require certain exterior projects be approved by the Architectural Committee and in some cases approval may be required by the City of Tomball.  The application for improvements can be located under the "Members Section" on the left navigation labeled "Architectural Control".  You must be a registered user of the site to gain access.  If you are not sure if your project requires prior approval please contact CKM Property Management, Architectural Control Coordinator at or 281-255-3055.

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